We offer our deepest condolences to @LongBeachMayor Robert Garcia. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

With profound sadness we announce death of Firefighter III/Paramedic Jose M. Perez, from complications of COVID-19 on 7.25.2020 He was a 16.5 yr veteran He is survived by his wife and 3 children Chief Terrazas & entire LAFD send deepest & most sincere condolences to Perez family.

AF&F labor attorney Robert Baumann receives Award for his service with the 1st Marine Division.  Congratulations Robert!! Thank you for your service to our nation and to all the men and women you represent in the police and fire services.

San Luis Obispo Firefighter Successfully Returned to Work by Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone

      Stuart Adams, Esq., partner at Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone,  recently negotiated the reinstatement of a San Luis Obispo firefighter charged with assaulting a man in a bar when off duty.  Ryan Mason was reinstated by Chief Charlie Hines in a controversial decision triggered by Mason’s appeal filed regarding his November 2012 termination. The settlement was due in part to the city’s wish to avoid a lengthy and expensive legal battle being brought by Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone.

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Correctional Officers Guide for the New Workers’ Compensation Law- SB 863

     Be sure to read up on recent changes impacting the Workers’ Compensation system in the June 2013 issue of PeaceKeeper magazine.  An article regarding these changes written by our very own, John Ferrone, Esq., is featured on pages 9 and 10.  For those of you without a subscription we have provided the complete article below.  


Correctional Officers Guide for the New Workers’ Compensation Law- SB 863

By John A. Ferrone Esq. Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone

     Correctional officers, who have sustained a work injury, such as a staff assault or a presumptive injury to the heart, will be faced with a host of new and complex work comp laws outlined in Senate Bill 863. SB 863 is the latest in a long line of “reform” measures to the already-complicated workers’ compensation system. This article will provide a brief guide for correctional officers on the major changes in the new law.

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Newest member of AF&F.

Robert Baumann Esq. AFF proudly welcomes attorney, Robert Baumann. Prior to joining the firm, Robert clerked for the Alternate Public Defender’s office in San Diego,

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Changes to Labor Code section 4850 Benefits

Court of Appeals Eliminates One Year of Temporary Disability Benefits for Public Safety Officers

    Labor Code section 4850 provides public safety officers, who become disabled while performing their duties, to a one-year leave of absence without loss of salary in lieu of temporary disability payments for that year. After the injured officer has received the one year of 4850 pay, the officer is then entitled to temporary disability at the state rate. The 2004 Reform measures in SB 899, however, placed a two-year cap on temporary disability benefits. Labor Code section 4656 imposed a 104-week limit on the payment of temporary disability benefits. 

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Workers’ Compensation: Road Map for Fire Fighters

Fire fighters face dangers every day. It is no surprise the job is one of the toughest in California. With these dangers comes the increased likelihood of an injury on duty (IOD). There are countless examples of exposures, lifting patients, motor vehicle accidents, and the daily physical demands of the job. What happens when you sustain an on duty injury? This article will provide a general road map of what to expect in the workers’ compensation process.

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