Newest member of AF&F.

Robert Baumann Esq. AFF proudly welcomes attorney, Robert Baumann. Prior to joining the firm, Robert clerked for the Alternate Public Defender’s office in San Diego,

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Changes to Labor Code section 4850 Benefits

Court of Appeals Eliminates One Year of Temporary Disability Benefits for Public Safety Officers

    Labor Code section 4850 provides public safety officers, who become disabled while performing their duties, to a one-year leave of absence without loss of salary in lieu of temporary disability payments for that year. After the injured officer has received the one year of 4850 pay, the officer is then entitled to temporary disability at the state rate. The 2004 Reform measures in SB 899, however, placed a two-year cap on temporary disability benefits. Labor Code section 4656 imposed a 104-week limit on the payment of temporary disability benefits. 

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Workers’ Compensation: Road Map for Fire Fighters

Fire fighters face dangers every day. It is no surprise the job is one of the toughest in California. With these dangers comes the increased likelihood of an injury on duty (IOD). There are countless examples of exposures, lifting patients, motor vehicle accidents, and the daily physical demands of the job. What happens when you sustain an on duty injury? This article will provide a general road map of what to expect in the workers’ compensation process.

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Cancer Presumption under attack

Public safety officers have the cancer presumption. If the officer is exposed to known carcinogens and the cancer arises or manifests itself during the officer’s employment, the cancer is presumed work related. The attack on the cancer presumption is on proving the exposures were to “known carcinogens”.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with two officers from Honolulu, Hawaii who lost their lives in the line of duty yesterday.

Names have not been released. No suspects as of yet.


Our entire department mourns the loss of two @honolulupolice officers killed in the line of duty this morning. Sending our thoughts and prayers to their families, friends and colleagues.

Sgt. Cesar Fuentes, a six-year veteran at the sheriff’s office and a devoted marine of 12 years, died in a motorcycle accident leaving work at the San Joaquin County Jail. Help support the Fuentes family by donating to their #FundAHero memorial fund 💙