Handling Grievances (PART 2): The Hearing

By. Stuart D. Adams, Esq.,     

     This article is the second in a series about grievances. It is intended as a general guide only and is based upon the opinion of its author. Anyone seeking to file a grievance or with questions on their grievance process should contact Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone or their legal representative for the purpose of obtaining legal advice specific to their needs.

    In the previous article, we took you through the informal “steps” of the grievance process. Those informal steps all lead to the more formal proceeding in the grievance process; the “hearing.”

     This article is intended as a general guide to the hearing portion of the grievance process. Again, you must consult with your agency’s grievance process to make sure that you are properly following the procedures. Failure to follow the grievance procedure rules of your agency can result in your losing the grievance.

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