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Kelli M. Hemmen, Esq.

Kelli M. Hemmen, Associate with Adams, Ferrone & Ferrone, joined the firm in 2017 and specializes in handling workers compensation litigation. Kelli has been dedicated to representing Public Safety Officers in the areas of workers compensation, labor, and employment law. She plays a key role in supporting the firm on many major cases. Additionally, Kelli provides unique guidance for her clients in the realm of retirement and social security. Kelli has further assisted in training for Mental Wellness with corrections officers.

Prior to practicing law, Kelli was a practicing surgical nurse. By pulling from this background, Kelli provides unparalleled insight and understanding for her clients undergoing medical treatment.

Kelli earned her J.D., with distinction, from The University of Iowa College of Law. During her tenure at Iowa Law, Kelli earned many competitive internships positions including an extensive clerkship for the Chief Federal Judge in her district. In that role, Kelli took the lead in drafting many judicial decisions and conducted extensive legal research on issues of first impression to the court. With a highly persuasive skill for legal writing, Kelli is an enterprising person with boundless potential.