Changes in the Rules Governing IDL (Industrial Disability Leave)

Beginning this month two major changes have been implemented regarding the rules governing IDL.  

  • IDL will now be tracked in hours instead of days.
  • IDL will NO longer be paid for time lost to attend medical appointments after the injured worker has returned to work OR has been deemed able to return to full duty. 

The first change dictates that IDL now be tracked in hours instead of days.  Employees will still be entitled to a maximum of 52 weeks of IDL, to be paid within two years of the first time lost.  However, moving forward time lost will be tracked in hours instead of days.  In the past, the 52 weeks were counted as 365 days (including weekends and regular days off).  This change will now count the 52 weeks as 2080 hours for full time employees.  A prorated schedule will be utilized for employees’ with different time bases.  

The second change provides that IDL no longer be provided for time lost for medical appointments after there has been a return to work.  IDL will only be paid for medically-substantiated periods of disability.  This would be the period of time which you are declared to be medically TTD (temporarily totally disabled) by your physician.  In essence, this means that employees will have to schedule follow up medical appointments during their own time once they have returned to work.  Should the employee miss time from work, for a medical appointment, after returning to work.  The employee would be forced to use their own accrued sick/vacation leave.  IDL will no longer be provided.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes or any other issues impacting your IDL benefits please feel free to contact us here at AFF.        

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